The BEST Homecoming Cuts That Never Go Out of Style

Homecoming can be a stressful time for many guys. From buying the right tux, to making sure the limo is booked, to finding the best after-party can be exhausting. However, there is one detail that you don't have to agonize about- the Homecoming haircut. At Danckuts we take the pressure out of perfecting the flawless Homecoming look because we will do the work for you. The best Homecoming styles are those that make you feel confident, sharp, and accentuate your best features. Here are some of the top Homecoming trends that will make you look and feel great:


The Classic Pompadour

This classic cut is the perfect Homecoming look for all face shapes and hair types. Even though the technique is relatively simple, as it calls for the hair to be brushed up and back over the head. This method will give you the mature and sexy appearance that everyone wants for their Homecoming look.

The Pointed Fringe

The pointed fringe is designed for those that have a long or oval face. However, this cut stands out amongst the rest and has emerged as one of the most popular trends of the year. It suits almost any hair type and is the perfect Homecoming look for those that are trying to bring some flair to the big night.

Long Taper Fade

The long taper fade is slightly more complicated to achieve and requires a skilled barber. However, our highly qualified Danckuts staff will make sure it's carried out to perfection. The long taper fade keeps the top hair long, while tapering the rest. The hair will get progressively shorter down the back and the sides, until it blends in with the skin. This cut when done right, is the ultimate Homecoming style to make you look and feel sharp.

The Angular Faux Hawk

The angular faux hawk is one of the more trendy cuts this season and the perfect look for those that have thin or light textured hair. The short layers of this cut will help to give your hair a fuller look and easily create the volume that will last through the night and into the after-party.

Whatever hairstyle you choose for your Homecoming night, just know that at Danckuts it is our priority to make you look and feel amazing. Our approach is unique because we use technology to track every component of the haircut for a consistent replication each time, from any technician. With our qualified professionals we will help you figure out and perfect the look that will look best on you. Contact us today to set up an appointment.