How to Stay Confident When Telling your Barber Exactly What you Want

Is there anything more deflating than being disappointed with your latest cut? Here’s the drill: you go to your barber thinking you'll get a fresh cut, and you walk out feeling something is off. Is it because you weren't sure what you wanted? Is it because you didn't communicate clearly? Here are a few easy ways to have confidence when you describe to your barber exactly the kind of cut you want.

Do Your Research

Do you know the easiest way to feel confident when talking to your barber? Here's the secret: know what you are talking about. The best way to converse on any topic, whether it is sports, movies, or hair, is to do your research to understand the terms you need to communicate effectively. Do you order something off the menu if you have absolutely no idea what it is? I hope not. Do you want your hair tapered? Or more specifically, do you know what tapered means? How do you like your neckline? Blocked or rounded? Once you know what these terms mean and how they look, it will be easier to feel confident when speaking to your barber.

Also, Listen to Your Barber

It's also a good idea to listen to the expert that literally has your hair in his hands. Confidence is more than just tossing out a bunch of technical haircutting terms. Everyone's hair is different. Some guys have thick hair and some have thin. Some guys have curly hair and some have straight. So not every hairstyle is suitable for everybody. And let's face it, your barber just knows more than you. Listening to the other party is always important to effective communication. Listen to your barber. You’ll be able to respond effectively and be confident you are getting the best cut for your hair.

Give An Example

Sometimes the easiest way to communicate a style is to point it out. Hop on Instagram and find an example, whether it's a celebrity or a barber's own business page. You are sure to find an example depicting exactly what you are looking for. It could help all parties involved and you might not have to remember any barbershop jargon.

Your hair can be a reflection of yourself. Don't mess it up by simply not communicating effectively with your barber. If you keep these tips in mind, you are sure to maintain your confidence when telling your barber exactly what you want. Dankcuts is happy to be revolutionizing men's haircuts through cutting edge head mapping technology. Contact us for a consultation and the best haircut experience of your life.