Pumpkin Ale - Not Your Basic Beer

It's that special time of year again, where kids go back to school, college football dominates Saturdays, and fantasy football dreams are shattered. However, more importantly that sweet aroma of pumpkin spiced coffee, pumpkin spiced soap, and pumpkin spiced SPAM (yes, you read that right) fills the air. Fall has arrived! Did you know that the love of pumpkin is more than just a fad, in fact its resourceful origins have been around for a long, long time? So, before you hit that button to drop AB from your fantasy roster (too soon?), sit back, and enjoy this history of how our pumpkin craze originated!

Where it Began

Using pumpkin in almost every dish goes back to colonial times, specifically the 17th century. As the early settlers began their new journey in the foreign land we call America, they quickly learned that pumpkins were going to be an early staple in almost every dish they consumed. It became the go-to ingredient in bread, soup, custards, sauces, and pie. However, more importantly it became a staple ingredient in their alcoholic beverages. As the barley malt resources were limited and extremely expensive, the early colonists began using other cheap resources like pumpkin and brown sugar to replace the malt. 

The pumpkin beer continued to grow in popularity before its downward spiral in the 19th century. As the Industrial Revolution began in America, it not only brought an influx of people but with them came new brewers and new brewing technologies. Along with the social changes came the availability of malts, and just like that the pumpkin beers began to disappear.

A Long Break and the Comeback

After a long hiatus, the world was ready to go back to its pumpkin roots. In the 1980's, Buffalo Bill's Brewery began making the original pumpkin beer recipe, which took inspiration from George Washington's beer recipe. Over time, other brewers began to pick up on the pumpkin excitement and began changing the recipe to include less actual pumpkin and more pumpkin spices, which made the alcoholic treat taste more like a pumpkin pie. Today, there is an abundance of pumpkin ales with some still using real pumpkin and complimentary spices.

And now here we are, in the peak of our pumpkin craze, with our beer being no exception. As the unofficial kickoff of fall for many, those delicious pumpkin ales have been perfected to be the indulgence we crave as soon as the temperatures begin to dip and the aroma of pumpkin everything begins to fill the air.

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