How To Decide on the Perfect Haircut for Your Face Shape

Most men don't realize that strategic haircuts make a world of difference in complementing facial shape. Not only can a haircut that's tailored to a specific face make a man feel confident, but a particular look will enhance favorable features while minimizing facial weaknesses. Next time you are looking for the perfect cut for your specific face shape, take some of these tips into consideration.

Round-Shaped Face

The best haircuts for a round-shaped face are those that create angles, not only making the face appear slimmer and elongated but providing some definition. The cuts that work best are those that include longer proportions on top of the head with shorter sides. Men with round faces should consider a pompadour, as this hairstyle will give the face dimension, while also providing a more mature and pronounced look.

Heart-Shaped Face

The main issue when it comes to a heart-shaped face is making sure to find a hairstyle that balances out the top part of your face with the bottom. To achieve this ideal look, you will want the hair proportionate with your specific features. That's why men with this face shape should ask for haircuts that include a textured fringe or a dimensional quiff.

Square-Shaped Face

A square-shaped face is one in which all of the face measurements are about the same and the jawline is sharp and chiseled. That's why the best look for the square-shaped face is a short haircut, such as a buzz and crew cut, or a longer cut with textured styles. The top hairstyles for this face shape include the pompadour, side part, or a slick back.

Oval-Shaped Face

The lucky men that have an oval face not only have well proportioned and symmetrical facial features, but their face shape is perfect for almost any hairstyle. That said, the trick with this face shape is to wear the hair off the forehead to increase the volume on top of the head. The most suitable hairstyles for the oval-shaped face includes a classic short back and sides with a slightly longer length on top.

The key to perfecting any of these looks is to find a qualified professional barber that can bring out your independent facial strengths. At Danckuts, we know that the ability to amplify a men's features is determined by an individualized haircut that's tailored to his discrete face shape. We also understand the importance of providing this specific haircut, and making sure it's consistent every time you walk through our doors. That's why, at Danckuts, it is our policy to make sure you never worry about your haircut, ever again! Check us out today, for your perfect cut!


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