Achieving the Professional Look

Any high achiever knows that looking professional is just as important as the work you do. Being able to command the attention of your peers and company heads often comes down to the presence you command and one of the most important aspects of the presence of any professional is hairstyle. The old adage is true, the man makes the clothes, but a fresh, crisp hairstyle can complement and enhance any suit or business attire to allow you to be at your best in the boardroom. Below we'll take a look at the top five kuts to keep you looking stylish, professional, and ready to get down to business. 

The Ivy League

The Ivy League kut provides a smart, precise look of intelligence and intellectualism. This look consists of short sides and back and slightly longer length on top and is often paired with a part to the side, a trademark of styles for the professional. The Ivy League kut is low maintenance and easily attainable while inspiring the confidence to take charge in the boardroom and get the results you've been working toward. 


The Undercut is a popular look in business and professional circles thanks to its versatility. Whether you're on the town, sitting down to a family dinner, or impressing your boss with your latest proposal, the Undercut keeps you look smart, stylish, and sophisticated. The sides stay crisp and neat while the top is longer and pulled back with your choice of product. 


The Pompadour is for the high achiever with the rebellious soul. You know the type, roll into the office two hours late, skip the morning meeting, but launch a campaign that redefines the company's history. This fifties and sixties staple is often thought of as a style for Rockabilly musicians, but with a matte finished hair product and the right length, the Pompadour offers an allure in the office just as much as it does on the stage. 


The Tapered look is another high achiever classic that radiates confidence, know how, and the ability to get S#%t done. The Tapered kut is a pretty straight forward style with hair on the sides and back tapering down from the longer hair on top which can be individualized in a variety of ways. What this simple look lacks in complexity it more than makes up for in suave, bespoke, coolness. 

Classic Slick Back

The Classic Slick Back look is a timeless style for the professional high achiever. This dapper traditional kut combines a pronounced side part with a glossy product enhanced shine making for a trendy yet classic style. If there were a signature hairstyle for the hip professional, the debonair Classic Slick Back look is it! 

Get Down to Business with Danckuts

Regardless if you prefer the elegant intellectualism of the Ivy League kut, the slight rebelliousness of the Pompadour look, or the timelessness of the Classic Slick Back, Danckuts can help you achieve the perfect professional look to accentuate your individual style and preferences. Thanks to patent pending head mapping technology, Danckuts hair engineers can provide you with the kut you've always dreamed of. The Kut assurance program ensures that you'll receive that same cut every time you come to Danckuts. With free draft beer to patrons over twenty one and your favorite shows on the TV, Danckuts provides an oasis in your busy world and gets you back to the boardroom looking your best.