The Hard Part

A Hard Part hairstyle is the perfect modern Men's haircut. The hard part is created by a shaved part at the side, giving a more defined edge and fresh look to a variety of hairstyles. But how do you know if the hard part is right for you? 


The hard part has the versatility to be compatible with many hairstyles. It's like adding LeBron James to a good team makes a great team. The hard part could be a welcome addition to several modern styles. Typically go for a fade? The Hard Part works with that. Do you like going big with a Pompadour? A hard part works seamlessly with that too. Quiff. Comb over. You name it. A hard part could be a great way to emphasize the features of these cuts. No matter if you have short hair or long hair, this clean feature fits perfectly with almost any length or style. 

Should You Get One?

We will be honest with you- the hard part will take some regular maintenance to keep fresh and clean. If you don't get that regular clean up, the hard part might grow out and look messier. Because the part is typically done with a razor, it needs constant maintenance to keep looking clean. The hard part might look its best over the next couple days after the initial cut, but boy will it look good. If regular trips to the barber are not a concern (and we definitely don’t mind that!), then adding a hard part to your style might be right for you. A note of caution to any aspiring home-barbers out there: we advise you not to try this on yourself. Do it right and always have a professional curate a great look for you.

Danckuts: Haircut Engineering

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