5 Fall Haircut Styles for Men

With another summer already fading into memory we look forward to the season of crisp nights, flannel shirts, and pumpkin flavored everything for the many Ugg-shod ladies.

As the baking heat gives way to falling leaves, so too does that hairstyle that felt right at the beach but just doesn't carry the vibe for the bonfire. Lucky for you, we've collected five of the most stylish kuts for fall. Whether you're looking for something to accompany the customary autumn beard or to keep her running her fingers through it during those long evenings by the fire, here are five fall haircut style options for you.  

The Buzz Cut

Though it may seem a little cool for fall, the buzz cut is the perfect hairstyle to show off your fall wardrobe and to provide an especially highlighted emphasis on the slowly growing facial hair. One of the easiest hairstyles to take care of, this kut lets you look great with minimal effort. Asking your hair tech to take the top of the hair from a 3.0 or 2.0 to a lower grade at the back and sides. This creates a gradual fade that keeps the buzz cut looking as crisp as the fresh autumn air. 

The Modern Curtain

The late 90's and early aughts bought the Curtain look to the center of pop culture when some young men by the name of Pitt, Depp, and DiCaprio, made everybody want those hanging bangs. The Curtain came back around in 2017 and doesn't look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon. Make sure the back and sides are kept shorter than the top and bangs to really make this style pop. Using hairspray, wax, pomade, or cream gives the center the lift your looking for depending on how 'wet' or textured you're looking to go. This look pairs great with flannel and heavy coats making it an excellent kut for fall. 

The Quiff

Bridging the gap between formal and casual, the quiff is the hairstyle that wins the girl and impresses her mom and dad. Wear it tight for an added sense of structure, or wear it loose to let 'em know that there is always a little play in your work. The sides of the quiff are modifiable to your sense of style from clean cut and shaved to longer, behind-the-ear looks. Styling paste run between the fingers from front to back will help get the quiff get your preferred texture and look. 

The Undercut 

There are few cuts that radiate the classic vibes of the undercut while offering such versatility to the wearer. There are a few different ways to do the undercut. The classic undercut offers buzzed sides with a slicked back long top while the modern version of the kut can be any variation of short sides with a slicked top and left to it's natural sway. Wet hair products offer the vintage shine of an undercut while matte hair mousses can provide a defined sense of texture. The undercut lets you fall into autumn looking individualistically suave. 

The Sleek Fade

This style screams modern sophistication. The sleek fade is defined by the close shave around the back and sides that fade from the top of the hair from just below the hairline. This kut offers a supreme range of versatility and it's a simple but profound change if you've been rocking an undercut, long locks, or pretty much any short style over the summer. The sleek fade looks great with windbreakers and jumpsuits and is the perfect style to compliment those limited edition sneakers you cop this fall. 

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