The Right Product for Every Hair Type


Hair types differ wildly from one dude to the next. What works for your best friend's hair—or even your own brother's hair—might not work for yours. Curly/straight, thick/thin, long/short … you get it.

How you cut and style your hair matters, as well, when making that all-important decision on which styling products to cash in on. 

Whatever your style or hair type, if you want to achieve a look that creates #hairenvy from the office to the great outdoors, fear not. There's a product that can keep your mane in check from dawn to dusk. 

Understanding the Hairstyle Lingo

Hair products have a language all their own. Let's break it down a bit.

What Is Shine Versus Matte?

This is all about lighting and how the product either enhances or decreases the gloss or shine on your hair. Products labeled as Shine will give your hair a polished gloss by reflecting light as it hits your hair. Products labeled Matte will help to decrease the glossy or shiny look of your hair by actually absorbing light and diffusing its effect on the appearance of your hair.

Hold for My Haircut style

Products may be labeled high-hold, medium-hold, or low-hold. If you have a sculpted, defined style which you want to maintain all day, choose a high-hold product such as gel if you wish to also have a shiny finish or putty if you wish to have a matte finish. At the other end of the spectrum, for a looser, more natural look, choose a low-hold product such as hair serum if you wish to have a shiny finish or a hair cream if you want a matte look. 

Understanding Your Hair Type and Style

No two guys have the same hair profile. Let's consider how hair type and styles factor into your product decisions.

Short Hair

Short styles typically have a sleek or defined finished look. Pomades, waxes, and gels work well to create lasting hold with shine while putty and fiber products hold your look in place with a matte finish. 

Medium to Longer Hair

 These styles usually feature a more natural, moveable, or slightly disheveled look. To achieve hair that has structure but can still move, choose products such as creams, muds, and even light-hold hairsprays that keep your hair flexible and natural. 

No matter your hair type or style, there is a product that can help you achieve a winning look. Having great hair is a team effort and start with partnering with a stylist that specializes in men's hair. 

Danckuts: Haircut Engineering for Men

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