How to Blow Dry Your Hair … For Men


It happens to all of us: You leave the salon with a haircut that makes you look like the best parts of David Beckham and Ryan Gosling combined, but it's impossible to recreate the style the next day. The good news is that looking like Ryan every day is possible—the trick is in the blow-drying. Follow these steps and your hair will look as great as it did when you left the chair.

1. Place your part

The first step is to wet your hair and straighten your part. Think of your part as the base for your style: without a defined part, no one will notice how sharp your haircut is.

2. Dry wedge and side down

Break out the blow dryer and turn it on hot and high. Angle it downwards and dry your side while combing or flattening the hair with your hand. We don't want volume in this part of the hair, so just focus on getting the moisture out.

3. Build wall above your part

Now it's time to blow your hair sky-high. We want as much volume as possible in this section, so lift your hair straight up and dry it starting at the root. Do this until the hair is 100% dry. 

4. Blow-dry the front upwards

Point the blow dryer towards your forehead and start to dry the front while combing it upwards with your fingers. Do this until your hair is dry and has enough volume to make Beckham jealous. 

5. Dry hair back and apply product

Blow-dry all the hair back and mess up the texture a little bit with your hands (or don't mess it up—we won't tell you what to do). Put a generous amount of your favorite product into your hands and run it through your hair. Finish with a final comb and now you're ready for anything.

If you still can't quite get the technique of blow drying down, stop by our Danckuts in Orange County, CA and we'll give you the haircut and blow-dry of your dreams. We'll even show you some of our favorite tricks and products, too.

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