The Side Cut: A Timeless Gentleman’s Haircut


The side cut is truly a one of a kind classic kut that can be fitted for the style of many different types of men. From outlaws to lawmen, construction workers to office workers, the side cut offers a sophisticated look that allows you to look your best with minimal work. Minimal work doesn't mean no work, however, and knowing a few tips on how to style this timeless kut will help you showcase your suaveness no matter what your lifestyle or line of work. Below we'll take a look at a few different style tips for the side cut to keep you looking as gentlemanly as you see fit to. 

Style Tips for the Side Cut to Keep You as Dapper as Possible

The side cut allows you a ton of options on just how to show off your style and is the basis of several different styles—such as the messy top, side fringe, and the more classic-than-classic, slicked back look. There are really two things to take into account when trying to style the side cut: the length of the hair and the type of product you're using. Let's break down both to have a better understanding of how to make this look work for you.

Hair Length

 For stillness and security, the best length for a side cut is medium to short hair. For a classic side cut, tapered sides and back really let the style pop. For the best result, speak with your hair tech let them know whether you prefer a shears only cut or a clipper over shears cut. These two types of cut allow you to retain the tapered sides and back, whereas a clipper only cut tends to fade the hair, resulting in a less recommended style for a side cut style. 

For the top, shorter is better. The longer the hair on top, the messier the look tends to become. A side cut that lays low on the scalp will allow you to get away with a longer length on top and will keep the style looking crisp and classic no matter the length as long as it is in the short to medium range. 


The variety of just what you can do with the side cut allows you the option of pretty much using whichever product you prefer and that works with your look. Let's take a look at four of the most popular product options and just how they can help you get the side cut look you want! 

  • Pomade - Pomade is the signature of the classic flat side cut look. Oil-based pomades are not recommended as they often times can lead to an overly oily look. Instead look for a pomade with a good hold that is water based. For the slick back side cut, water-based pomades are your best friend.

  • Styling Wax - For more volume from your side cut, try a styling wax. For best result, use your styling wax while blow drying hair and styling with your fingers to get the look you desire.

  • Hair Gel - Hair gel also offers a way to get a more defined volume from your side cut while offering better security and hold for longer side cut styles. Hair gel provides assurance that your part holds no matter what you put it through. 

  • Mousse - If you're going with a side cut in curly hair, mousse helps you get the best out of your style. Styling with your fingers or a wide tooth comb is recommended if you’re using hair mousse to assist with a curly side cut. Using the fingers or comb, lay the curls on the scalp for better parting.

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